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Investigating a Franchise

Questions to ask existing franchisees

The third stage of your investigation process will usually involve making 'validation calls' or visits to franchise owners. Talking direct to existing franchise owners is a key approach for learning about the franchise because they are already in the business.

The representative from your prospective franchise business will provide the details of relevant franchise owners. They will usually give you contact information for people with a similar background to you or with the ability to answer your specific queries.

Be aware that you are likely to receive a range of answers to your questions. Some will be positive and others will not be so positive. If this happens, keep an open mind and listen closely to what they say. Look to understand why the franchise owner has had these types of challenges. For example, did they aim to stick to the company’s procedures or try to do things their own way instead?

Here are a few of the subjects that you will wish to address in order to make a full evaluation of the franchise you are considering. A MatchPoint consultant will coach you on these and several other in the MatchPoint process.

Ask Franchises
  • Quality of training
  • Start up support
  • Continuing support
  • Marketing approaches
  • Buying synergies
  • Franchisor/franchisee relations
  • Investment –. Earnings –Remember, you should not go ahead to the next stage until you have gained satisfactory answers to all these questions.

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